Deus Ex Machina

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Author: Goober5000
Genre: Parody


You're a new recruit to the NTF, and you've come at a crucial time for the survival of the rebellion. GTVA attacks have been severely damaging morale. Pilots are frustrated. Wingmen are dying. It's up to you, Alpha 1, to save the day again.

Your squadron, the 47th Red Shirts, has been called in on a mission of utmost importance. Allied raiding parties have seized several shipments of Bosch Beer, and the Bosch shipping lanes are in danger of falling to GTVA control. The Admiral wants the shipping lanes secured at all costs.

Your job won't be easy, pilot. Command bureaucracy, continuity glitches, and impossible mission goals abound. Your wingmen are incompetent. Your fighter is a piece of junk. And, as usual, you're the only pilot who uses his own brain. Are you up to the challenge?

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