Alliance Fights Back

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Author: Travis Brainard


Originally posted: 07/13/99

Mods: none

Missions: 8


With the destruction of the first Lucifer the Terran-Vasudan Alliance manages to push the Shivans back to Vasuda Prime and take it after a major military engagement take it. But the Alliance runs into a immovable wall of Shivan resistance, and its advance is stopped short. With neither side willing to give ground, the two fleets are gridlocked, but the Alliance losses are tremendous and it is only a matter of time before attrition loses the war for them. This is the story of General Albert Ulysses and his bold but risky plan to fight back and take the war into ( and behind) Shivan-held territory, to gain back what was once theirs; their planets and their homes. Ulysses' plan carries with it not only great opportunity, but great risk as well. There is more at risk than just billions of lives but the fate of three races and with it the fate of the galaxy.
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