Sol: A History ( Original Campaign )

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Author: ShadowGorrath

It is 2335. For 14 years, the Terran-Vasudan War had been slowly grinding its way along, when the appearance of a third species changed everything.

An implacable foe that simply would not die, the Shivans resisted everything the united Terrans and Vasudans threw at them. Their flagship, the Lucifer, destroyed the homeworld of the Vasudan people, and now it's on its way to Earth...

Over the course of four campaigns spanning 37 years, 40 missions and the fall and rise of two inter-planetary powers, YOU are a soldier for Earth, a warrior for the Alliance, thrown into life-threatening situation after life-threatening situation... what part will you play in the developing history of Sol?

Visit Earth, Mars, Jupiter - ALL the planets of the solar system!

Fight 40+ missions over the course of 4 campaigns!

Conduct bombing runs, dogfights, escort missions, search and rescues, assassinations, and many more!

33 ships (10 player flyable!) from Freespace, Freespace 2 and Inferno!

And much, much more!

*** An INFERNO campaign ***



This is the original Sol: A History campaign meant for retail FreeSpace2. You need to have Inferno R1 to play it.

Download (10 MB)

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