Casualties of War [Rebuild]

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Author: ShadowWolf_IH


Adhara - a relatively insignificant fringe planet, home to only a few colonists and astrophysicists. Until the last war. Adhara had already been designated a safe haven for Vasudan refugees from the NTF - soon it was full of the refugees from Capella. Filled with angry, dissilusioned Vasudans, Adhara is a troublespot for the Vasudan Empire. Already devolved from direct GTVA control, Adhara remains a hotspot of anti-GTVA and anti-Terran radicals.... prompting the GTVA to remove most of the defensive fleet away from the system. It is only a mothballed Typhon destroyer - the Queb - and a cluster of cruisers, controlled by Adharan miltia that currently defend the system - enough to dissuade any active attacks by the Adharans on GTVA ships in the surrounding systems, and any bid for independence. Until now........

This version has been rebuilt to allow for a smoother uninterrupted gameplay experience.

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