Homeworld: Blue Planet Demo

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Author: MatthTheGeek

Website: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=80950.0

This demo features:

- All capital ships operated at the time of Blue Planet on the GTVA Terran and UEF sides, aside from the Sanctus.
- One basic deathmatch map.
- A fully-functional Gauntlet gametype directly inspired from [email protected]'s Survival gametype, with two maps.
- A Massive Battle map for teh lulz.



- Make sure your Homeworld2 install is patched to v1.1.
- Copy HWBPDemo1.0.big to your Homeworld2/Data/ folder.
- Create a shortcut to your Homeworld2/Bin/Release/Homeworld2.exe
- In Properties, Target, add: -mod HWBPDemo1.0.big
- Start the game from the shortcut

You can also add -hardwarecursor -windowed -w 1920 -h 1080 to your shortcut if you wish, with your own screen resolution.

======= IMPORTANT NOTES ========

HWBP is fairly resource intensive, probably more than your average HW2 mod.

Because of improved shaders, and several textures larger than 2048², HWBP won't work on old or integrated cards.

Because the AI is still unreliable, it is recommended to play in Gauntlet mode.

========= KNOWN ISSUES =========

- The UEC Sanctus isn't in the demo because it hasn't been converted yet. I was planning to wait for a HTL remake of that ship, but isn't going to be finished in time for the demo release.

- Beam damage might not be entirely faithful to BP stats yet because the FSO engine and HW2 engine both treat beam damage in their own, weird and entirely different ways.

- Some ships sometimes won't fire their missiles despite being in range of their target(s).

- Not all capital ships have engine subsystems because I am a noob and can't model.

- The UED Solaris spawns with mass drivers instead of having to build them.

- Missile interception balance is not definitive.

- Building times and costs aren't definitive.

- AI is still unreliable.

- Not all effects are definitive.

- Not all ships have death markers, which means that death fx occur at the center of the dying ship instead of all along its surface.

- Sometimes thrusters and navlights don't appear on some ships. It seems to happen when the ship appear while you're in the sensor manager.

=========== CREDITS ============

HWBP Team members

- MatthTheGeek: Main modder, converter, hoder and stuff.

- pecenipicek: shader support, and simply for being there when I needed him.

Special thanks to:

- Darius and the Blue Planet team, for building this awesome extension to the Freespace universe, and giving us a great story and excellent missions to play with.

- The Freespace Upgrade team, for various models, textures and effects used, and for bringing our favourite space shooter back to today's visual standards.

- The Freespace Source Code Project, for offering us always more possibilities.

- The Hard-Light Productions community, for keeping Freespace alive, for finding me a little corner of web to show my stuff on, and for their support.

- The Homeworld: @ Team, for letting me use some of their effects and scripts, and for their support.

- Volition and Relic, for making the great games we all love.

Download (288 KB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 552